10 group fitness classes for triathletes to try

shutterstock_289140455With little doubt, the triathlete is one of the most motivated and cross-trained athletes around. Their ability to swim, cycle and run places them at the very highest levels of sport’s training.

Nevertheless, triathletes can significantly benefit from doing more than just concentrating on their three core activities. Here is a list of 10 other group fitness classes that will aid them in their fitness training:

Step aerobics – Although it may seem a bit extreme, this is the perfect class to drop in after a long workout. These classes usually take less than an hour to complete and focus on endurance training rather than strength.

Rope training – Intense on two different levels – it increases strength while also improving your cardio – rope training is also quite fun. Use it when you want a break from the “same old, same old” workouts.

Rebounding – Even moderate bouncing on a mini-trampoline works for every muscle group in your body – whether you want it to or not. It is an excellent way to identify underused muscles and give them a little extra attention.

Cardio-intensive training To really get your heart pumping, consider a program that combines isometric movements, plyometrics, and isometric poses along with traditional Pilates to strengthen and sculpt your body. It is also excellent for synchronizing your breathing with the cadence of your running, swimming or cycling stride.

PilatesThis is another great fitness class that does not concentrate on the usual muscle groups. Use Pilates to help stabilize and then reverse any muscle imbalances caused by your usual training. This training is extremely easy to find and fit into your normal training schedule.

Treadmill interval running Break up the incessant monotony of standard treadmill running with purposeful intervals drills – think hills, speed, tempo, and endurance – all accompanied by motivating music.

Dance workoutsCombines elements of dance – the exercises are usually focused on a barre – with cardio, strength training, and stretching, this workout brings a little fun to your regimen while improving your balance and strength.

Suspension training – The essence of this workout is performing eccentric exercises while in a suspended state. It forces you out of your training comfort zone and works muscles not ordinarily utilized.

Spin training – While this training does not replace on-the-road training, it does allow the triathlete to focus on specific muscle groups in a safe and secure environment. You can concentrate on the work, instead of worrying about traffic, potholes or other road hazards.

Yoga – Being a successful athlete is not only about the body but also about the mind and yoga is ideal for focusing this aspect of your training. In addition, the training is sometimes conducted in rooms with high temperatures and humidity – more closely simulating the conditions of a triathlete’s usual training environment.

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