4 Biggest fitness destroyers during the holidays

shutterstock_535309534The holidays can be extremely busy and stressful for a lot of people. This often leads to issues with fitness. Not only can all of those holiday-specific foods wreck havoc on your diet, but you may end up breaking from your normal exercise routine because of how busy you are. By the time that the end of the year rolls around, you may have packed on extra weight without even realizing it. The following are four of the biggest threats to your fitness that you should keep an eye on during the holidays:

1. Making a New Year’s Resolution

It’s relatively common for people to set fitness goals for themselves as their New Year’s resolution. However, telling yourself that you’re going to begin going to the gym every day of the week after New Year’s isn’t going to do you much good if it’s months away.

People who make New Year’s resolutions focusing on fitness goals will often neglect their fitness and diet leading up to the New Year. They’ll indulge in holiday treats because, in the back of the mind, they think that they’ve already earned it since they’re planning on exercising more regularly next year. This will cause you to gain extra weight. If you’re going to make a fitness goal-related resolution, start it right away instead of waiting until the New Year.

2. Eating Holiday Treats at the Office

Your place of work may set out more treats than usual to try and get their employees in a festive mood. In fact, you may have bosses or coworkers who take the extra effort to bring in treats for everybody. Try to avoid the area where the treats have been set up. While you may not think that one cookie will do much harm, you’ll end up eating a handful of cookies without even realizing it by the time you leave work.

3. Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Having a drink or two during a holiday meal isn’t the worst thing in the world, but remember that alcohol contains a lot of calories. If you drink too much, it will contribute to weight gain. If you plan on drinking, have a glass of water for every drink that you have. Try to limit yourself to only one or two drinks as well.

4. Breaking From Your Eating Routine

A lot of people tend to fast before a big holiday meal, thinking that this will make up for eating more than usual. However, all you’re doing is making yourself more hungry, increasing the likelihood that you’ll eat way too much. Don’t break from your normal eating habits. Eat breakfast on the day of a big holiday dinner. You may even want to eat a small healthy snack beforehand so that you don’t eat more than you should.

Keep these four threats to your fitness in mind during the holiday season. Doing so will help to prevent weight gain and keep you fit through the end of the year.

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