Best Fitness Products

shutterstock_371381044The items in your gym bag and the gear you don for your workout have really do impact your performance. Though most people think sheer willpower and a refined technique are enough for a successful workout, the truth is that equipment, clothing and nutrition matter a great deal. Let’s take a look at exactly what you should have in your gym bag and on your body for the ultimate workout.

Elite Workout Jackets

Workout jackets are en vogue. The right workout jacket will conceal your figure from peeping Toms and improve your comfort level. Give the REI Airflyte Running Jacket a chance and you won’t be disappointed. Available through, this workout jacket is extremely lightweight and allows air to flow in and out with ease. It is waterproof, jewel-toned and quite chic.

If you are going for an outdoor run, put on the New Balance NBx Jacket. It costs less than $100, dries uber-fast, keeps you cool and is bright enough to make drivers aware of your presence. There is even a built-in back vent along with a concealed iPod holder conveniently positioned in one of the jacket’s front pockets.

The Best Exercise Top and Shorts

When it comes to workout tops, you are absolutely inundated with options. The Icebreaker Rush Crewe is the cream of the crop. This comfy wool top is the perfect weight, doesn’t absorb your sweat or odor and comes equipped with a special back pocket for your iPod. If you are on the prowl for workout shorts, try the Icebreaker Swift Shorts. These shorts feature a drawstring waist, antimicrobial Merino wool and “breathability” to help you stay cool.

The Yoga Pants of Your Dreams

Yoga pants are all the rage these days. The best yoga pants on the market are PrAna’s Mackezie Pants. These pants feature a shirred waist along with a cute and convenient front-side tie. They’re super soft, extremely stretchy and most importantly, form-flattering.


Some days you just don’t want to do your hair before heading to the gym. Slap on a Brooks Printed Mesh Cap and you’ll still look hot even without coiffed hair. It features a perforated bill, mesh venting and an inner band that wicks away the sweat.

The Best Yoga Mat

Load up your gym bag with a Manduka PRO Black Sapphire yoga mat and you’ll be stretching out those muscles with the ultimate comfort. This highly dense yoga mat has superior cushioning and a lovely rich blue color. Feel free to go all out during your yoga sessions as the Manduka Pro Black Sapphire mat will absorb your entire body’s impact, guarding against those pesky lower body aches and pains that tend to manifest during lunges.

Elite Workout Nutrition

Don’t forget to add a few nutrition bars to your workout bag. Give the Stinger Waffle a try and you’ll be hooked on the first bite. Its scrumptious honey flavor, crisp texture and complex carbohydrates are exactly what you need to make it through a grueling workout.