Lessons I’ve Learned About Body Acceptance

If you have struggled to accept your body and love it unconditionally, you’re not alone. Hating your body is disturbingly common in today’s society. Poor body image leads people to embark on extreme diets and even develop eating disorders and other mental health problems.

What Is Body Acceptance?

Body acceptance means turning your back on the body-shaming culture that tells us our bodies aren’t good enough. It means embracing the way your body looks and appreciating all the amazing things it can do. Body acceptance is available to anyone, whether you are short or tall, slender or voluptuous, light-skinned or dark. It is the radical notion that all bodies are beautiful, amazing and worthy of love.

Lessons About Body Acceptance

Like many women, I have had to learn the lessons of body acceptance over and over again. In A Guide to Body Acceptance: Real-Life Stories About Making Peace With The Body You Have, you can read the stories of nine amazing, inspirational women who have chosen to share their stories of body acceptance.

What Can Your Body Do?

For many people, the key to body acceptance is to stop focusing on how your body looks and start focusing on the things it can do. Even if you don’t think of yourself as particularly athletic, notice how your body allows you to move around in the world, express yourself through dance, and experience all the amazing sensations the world has to offer. Why not take up new activities to explore the capabilities of your wonderful body? The more you train, the more your body will be able to do. Why not try running, swimming, dancing or hiking?

What Do You Like About Your Body?

Even if you hate your stomach or can’t stand your thighs, there is probably something about your body you like. How about your beautiful eyes, or your happy smile? When you look in the mirror, focus on your best features.

Be Grateful for Your Body

Even on your down days, your body is still doing incredible things to keep you alive. When you hurt yourself, you heal. When you get a cold or flu, your body recovers. Your body does amazing things. Practicing gratitude for your body is the first step to body acceptance.